LinkedIn - It's Mostly Just a Job Board Now, Isn't It?

Posted: 9/11/2013

By: Elias Cobb, Quantix Recruiting Manager

LinkedIn... everyone is using it, right? If you're not, you probably SHOULD be by now, especially if you are considering ever switching jobs again. But LinkedIn isn't really about social networking, now is it? The vast majority of people I know who are on both LinkedIn and Facebook use LinkedIn as an online resume and as a means of connecting with people they might know, but not to really INTERACT with those people. They're on Facebook to interact (and Twitter too).

But that's OK! If we treat LinkedIn as an online resume of sorts; a place where recruiters can find your resume, then you had better start writing your LinkedIn profile like an actual resume! That means including some of the things that I see left out so many times:

1) Keywords. Recruiters search LinkedIn more than ever. You should have your technical skills listed on your LinkedIn profile if you want to be found.

2) Contact information. Yes, it's annoying to be bombarded with emails and phone calls from recruiters...or is it? Not if you really want a job! So if you're looking, don't force recruiters to send you an InMail or a connection request; just put your email address on your profile. You can always remove it once you aren't active in your job search.

It seems to me that the biggest problem with LinkedIn, however, is that people fail to keep it up-to-date. This includes:

1) Not adding a new job, responsibilities, new title, new skills, etc.

2) Not updating the email address used to create the account! Seriously, how do you expect people to get in touch with you if you NEVER check that old email address?

3) Not adding new contacts - you never know who will see your profile! Plus, adding new connections keeps your profile active in the status updates and more people will see your name flash by more often.

4) Not asking for, or giving, recommendations.

Sure, once you get that great job it's easy to forget to updated your profile with your new job, skills and responsibilities. But wouldn't it be terrible if you missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity just because you didn't keep your profile up-to-date?