Help Us Inspire 10-Year-Old Troy - Letter from the President

Posted: 3/26/2015

I'd like to introduce you to Troy Stauffenberg. Troy is the son of one of our Quantix family members and he is in the midst of a hard fought cancer battle with Neuroblastoma. He was originally diagnosed about two years ago and is courageously fighting his second relapse.Traveling Troy Never Give Up

Troy will undergo a stem cell transplant on March 27th. This procedure will require an extended hospital stay, much of which will be spent in isolation. Quantix has created Traveling Troy, a 10 inch laminated picture of him that can travel anywhere. While Troy is confined to his hospital room, he can log on to Facebook to see all the places his photogenic traveling counterpart has been. I would like to encourage you to log on to the Traveling Troy Facebook page and post pictures and words of encouragement. At this time, we have over 200 followers, we would like to see that number dramatically increase. If you would like a Traveling Troy, you can request one through the Traveling Troy Facebook page free of charge.

I hope you will keep Troy and his family in your thoughts and prayers; if you have time to participate in anyway, Troy and the entire Quantix family would be very grateful.

-Jill Reynolds, CEO and President of Quantix