Company Culture...Yeah, It's Important!

Posted: 1/8/2014

By: Elias Cobb, Quantix Recruiting Manager

I was talking with a candidate today about the jobs and companies I have to work with and present to him. Now, he and I had traded emails over a few weeks of time and I had asked him about the types of positions, environments and companies in which he would be interested. He had taken some time to reply and mentioned today that he woke up in the middle of the night thinking about my question. He thanked me for asking it - not sure that disturbing his sleep is something I'm proud of, but he was happy I'd inquired.

Photo Credit: 7Geese 

You see, he hadn't given much thought in the past about what TYPE of corporate culture would get him excited about work. Like many technical people, he had focused more on the technologies in which he'd be working when considering new jobs and not as much about what he'd like about a company. I think that happens a lot in our business. Recruiters tend to focus heavily on whether or not a candidate possesses the skills required and not nearly enough on whether or not the person would really like to work at that company.

So, he emailed me, at 3:59 a.m., some absolutely fantastic information about the types of projects, work groups and corporate cultures he'd get excited about. I read over it and when we talked today, not only did I have some clients in mind who were looking for someone with his technical skills, but I also had talked with our sales team about some clients who fit his cultural needs. They didn't necessarily have an opening for someone with his skills, but I discussed the companies with him anyway.

A waste of time, some recruiters and indeed some job seekers might say. Not so, I reply. If we have a great relationship with these clients, we can proactively market candidates who would be great culture fits to them, especially when they utilize a matching technical set, even if they don't have a current opening. Wouldn't it be wise, as a company, to hire people with the right skills who REALLY WANT TO WORK THERE, even if the opening isn't there right this second?

That's something we can advise our clients, if we have a truly consultative relationship with them. Those types of relationships, with both clients and candidates, are what will pay off in the long run.