Quantix RPO

Quantix RPO





Rethink Recruiting


  • How does your company measure Productivity?

  • What about lost Productivity?

  • What does it cost your company when a key position is vacant?

  • Those are probably difficult questions to answer and even more difficult to quantify.

  • Quantix Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) shortens the entire timeline.

  • When you utilize Quantix RPO, you work with a dedicated internal resource that learns your culture and provides the recruiting expertise to bring you only ‘qualified’ candidates.

  • A single point of contact presenting qualified candidates means a more efficient process of interviewing, hiring and on boarding.

  • Quantix RPO guarantees to deliver five qualified candidates for each position assigned.

  • Eliminate coordination with too many recruiting firms submitting unqualified candidates. Instead, work with a single expert who knows your company well enough to save you time.

Quantix RPO fills your key positions faster…so you can get on with the business of doing business! Call Jill Reynolds at 866.493.8980 or Click here to learn more

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