Do You Know Where Your Resume Is Going?

Posted: 1/2/2014

By: Elias Cobb, Quantix Recruiting Manager

I read through a blog today that hit home. It's The Savage Truth, an excellent blog about recruiting and management in general (; the blog post in question is titled: My Biggest Ever Recruitment Stuffup!

He talks about the wild and wooly days of when he started recruiting and how often candidates did not know where or to whom their resume was being submitted. Believe it or not, I've had clients who have told me of receiving THEIR OWN RESUME from a staffing firm. Clearly that firm did not call and even chat with the candidate, much less interview or qualify him.

This brings me to the point, do you, the candidate, always know where your resume is going? Probably not. Now if you post your resume to a job board, you lose control of it at that point. Does that mean you should never use a job board? Certainly not - job boards are valid places to find new jobs and at the very least, make new contacts and grow your network. However, I do know of staffing firms that refuse to disclose their client name to candidates and want to have permission to submit your resume without you knowing where it's going. ALWAYS make the recruiter tell you who their client is!!! Any reputable recruiter will share the client name with you. If they truly have a good relationship with the client, sharing the company name isn't going to be a problem. And you, the candidate, HAVE to know where your resume is going. What if you applied at that company yesterday? Many companies, if they receive your resume from multiple sources, will simply toss your resume into the proverbial circular file. Additionally, how are you supposed to discern if the company and culture are a good fit for you if you don't even know who it is?

I recommend keeping a spreadsheet of all the recruiters with whom you have spoken and the client companies to whom they have submitted your resume. Also, track the companies that you have applied to directly. This will keep you from having a duplicate submittal and possibly cost you the job.