Candidate Brand Management

Posted: 5/4/2016






By: Jill Reynolds, President and CEO

 A new trend and catch phrase in the job seeking arena is candidate branding or “candidate brand management”.   As hiring patterns have changed, especially in IT, and an average employment longevity of 3-4 years, candidates are consistently looking for the next opportunity for advancement or to acquire new skills.  As a result, they are creating their unique brand, especially in the contingent workforce.  More and more, we see candidates brand resumes with graphics, photographs, websites and portfolios to increase visibility and awareness. 

This is what “The Staffing Stream” has to say about candidate branding: “The majority of the candidate market is Millennials, and with Gen Z moving in, there has to be innovation to stand out.  Be on the lookout for candidates increasing knowledge and adding one-off classes and workshops to their resume, while being more motivated by opportunities for advancement and making an impact versus a paycheck.”

From a marketing perspective, it makes perfect sense for a candidate to add “curb appeal” to their resume.  Make an impression, stand out in a crowd, right?  As recruiters, we assess hundreds of resumes a week.  Reviewing resumes that are creative and unique does indeed attract attention but finding candidates with substance and experience is still the goal.  An enticing advertisement is nothing more than just that if there isn’t a quality product or service behind it.  Ensuring there is a steak to go along with the sizzle is the real achievement in candidate branding.

 Have you tried any successful Candidate Brand Management techniques and found success? As a manager, have you seen some less than stellar examples?

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